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The Mystery on Lost Lagoon–Exclusive Excerpt!

Chris Pavesic’s YA Starter Zone & Exclusive Excerpt

Meet Catherine Castle & Her New Release

Dominique Eastwick & the Zodiac Shifters–a Paranormal Romance

Fantastic 4th of July Menu from Author Sloane Taylor

Reiki for Your Pet, You Say? Author Sharon Ledwith Explains

Dianna Gunn Debuts Her YA Novella–Keeper of the Dawn

Cover Reveal!! Lost & Found by Sharon Ledwith

Exclusive Excerpt from Uncharted by Justine Alley Dowsett & Murandy Damodred

Cover Reveal!! Uncharted by Justine Alley Dowsett & Murandy Damodred

Author Elliott Baker–New Release: The Sun God’s Heir Coming 2/22

Authors C.D. Hersh–Clothing in the Paranormal World of Shape Shifters

Author JoAnne Keltner: Goth Girl, Virgin Queen Tour Stop with Excerpt & Giveaway!

Exclusive Excerpt from Sharon Ledwith’s The Last Timekeepers and the Dark Secret

Author Sharon Ledwith–Cover Reveal! The Last Timekeepers and the Dark Secret

Author Rita Monette-Cover Reveal: The Secret in Mossy Swamp, a Middle Grade Adventure

Author Elizabeth J.M. Walker & her new YA Paranormal, This Night Sucks

Author Susan Lodge Introduces Her Feisty Heroine

Author Emma Lane & Her New Regency Romance With Raspberries On Top

Author Clarissa Johal-The Island, A New Paranormal Horror Release

Author L.R.W. Lee’s New Fantasy Release

Author Michael Weitz-The Wild Life

Author Sara Daniel-Just in Time for Halloween

Author Sloane Taylor-Hot New Releases

Author Chris Pavesic-New Fantasy Release Plus a Sweet Treat

Author Sharon Ledwith-New Release, Legend of the Timekeepers, Plus a Giveaway

Author Marci Boudreaux-New Release, Friends Without Benefits

Author Vala Kaye–Ghostwriter, New YA Paranormal Release

Author Carol Browne~In Praise of eBooks

Author Sharon Ledwith~The Last Timekeepers

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