Leigh Goff

Writing Enchanting Ever-Afters ♥


cropped-ckq95vrwgaajp-4.jpgLet me introduce myself…I’m Leigh. I live in Maryland near the Chesapeake Bay, I’m sixteen-years-old at heart, I’ve had type 1 diabetes since 2001 (#T1DLooksLikeMe), and I’ve always loved to write. As a teen, I remember craving fantasy books with an enchanted main character; however the character’s real strength wasn’t magic, it was love or courage, which she’d possessed all along. Doesn’t everyone want to read about heroines like that?

I am a University of Maryland grad and a SCBWI member. Fun fact–I recently learned that I am the eighth great-granddaughter of accused Chesapeake witch, Elizabeth Duncan (Dunkan) of Virginia who went to trial in 1695 for bewitching livestock and causing birds to fall from the sky!

When I’m not writing or re-reading a Jane Austen novel, I’m hangin’ with the ones I love–the hubs, the kids, and a little golden retriever who likes to play hide and seek with me. She really cracks me up.

My next enchanting ever-after, BEWITCHING HANNAH, will release this fall! Click here for more info. My debut novel, DISENCHANTED, a fantasy inspired by the Wethersfield witches of seventeenth century Connecticut (you’ve got to check out these babes) is now available at Amazon, BN.com, IndieBound, and can be found on the shelves at select Barnes & Noble stores.

I’m still writing, hope you’re still reading!

3 thoughts on “Hi!

  1. Congrats to you Leigh! I’m looking forward to more writing… Well done…!

  2. Hi Leigh – Thank you for your writing and publishing story along with writing tips shared yesterday at the MWA Annapolis Chapter’s writing workshop. Joseph Ross Arundelburning.com

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