Leigh Goff

Writing Enchanting Ever-Afters ♥

Bewitching Blog Posts

Let’s Get This Holiday Party Started

The Annapolis Tea Party of 1774 & Bewitching Hannah

Bewitching Hannah Fun Release Week Giveaway!

A Bewitching Tour Around Annapolis

Leigh Goff-Writing & Thriving With Type 1 Diabetes

Hey MD/VA/DC! Join the Read Local Challenge!


BEWITCHING HANNAH–Unleashing the Magic This Fall

NaNoWriMo Write-In Event in Annapolis

Barnes & Noble Book Signings!

Powers of the Witches Rise: The Chesapeake Witches

History Behind Bewitching Hannah–Royal Witches, Wizards, & Alchemists

Top 5 Magical Settings in Disenchanted

A Bewitching February with Leigh Goff’s Disenchanted

Disenchanted is Hitting the Bookstore Shelves!

Cookies & Magic

Press Release–Coming Soon from Mirror World Publishing

GoodReads Giveaway! Win a proof copy of DISENCHANTED!

Bookaholic’s Fix Review

Disenchanted Release Day Blast + Review

Before Salem: The Forgotten Witches of New England

Get Familiar With My Bewitching Main Character: Sophie Goodchild

A Witch’s Lucky Charm: Her Familiar

Disenchanted-The Power of White Magic

Medieval European Castle? Nope!

Ghostly Insane Asylum

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