Leigh Goff


✨Bewitching Blog Posts✨

6 Fun Must-Haves for Writers


How I Got My Agent

What’s Your Lucky Charm?

Lucky 13 and the Literary Agent

Halloween Audiobook Giveaway!

A Hippie’s Bookshelf: A New Audiobook Release! Koush Hollow

Hot Cinnamon Vanilla Tea & a Good Audiobook!

Calling All Readers, Reviewers, and Bloggers!

My Big Book News is…

August Book News

Finding Mr. Right

It’s Time to Read Local Authors!

You Can Call Me Jenna…

Release Day! Koush Hollow: A Witch-Riding Nightmare

Pollution Solutions: Time to Detox

Power of the Witch: Curses, Spells, & Love

Heads Up YA Bloggers & Reviewers!

Happy Cover Reveal Day-KOUSH HOLLOW by Leigh Goff

A Hurricane of Ideas

Acquisitions Announcement!

The Power of Read Local

Eat Local ~ Read Local Book Festival at Cascades Library!

Maryland’s Royal Bloodlines Inspire YA Novel Set in Annapolis

A Novel Set in Annapolis offers a Bewitching Twist on Beauty & the Beast

Let’s Get This Holiday Party Started

Disenchanted on Sale

The Annapolis Tea Party of 1774 & Bewitching Hannah

Bewitching Hannah Fun Release Week Giveaway!

A Bewitching Literary Tour of Annapolis

Leigh Goff-Writing & Thriving With Type 1 Diabetes

Hey MD/VA/DC! Join the Read Local Challenge!


BEWITCHING HANNAH–Unleashing the Magic This Fall

NaNoWriMo Write-In Event in Annapolis

Barnes & Noble Book Signings!

Powers of the Witches Rise: The Chesapeake Witches

The Royal History that Inspired Bewitching Hannah

Top 5 Magical Settings in Disenchanted

A Bewitching February with Leigh Goff’s Disenchanted

Disenchanted is Hitting the Bookstore Shelve

Press Release–Coming Soon from Mirror World Publishing

GoodReads Giveaway! Win a proof copy of DISENCHANTED!

Bookaholic’s Fix Review

Disenchanted 5-Star Review

Before Salem: The Forgotten Witches of New England

Get Familiar With My Bewitching Main Character: Sophie Goodchild

A Witch’s Lucky Charm: Her Familiar

Disenchanted-The Power of White Magic

Medieval European Castle? Nope!

Ghostly Insane Asylum

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