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I want to say hello and welcome to everyone around the world (six continents-100 countries!!) who has expressed interest and excitement in my upcoming novel, Disenchanted.  I am overwhelmed by your enthusiasm.  Hang tight.  Edits on Disenchanted start in September followed by the book’s release in December.

Thanks for visiting my page!

Olá a todos os meus futuros leitores!
Hola a todos mis futuros lectores!
Ciao a tutti i miei futuri lettori!
Hello minden a leendő olvasók!
Kamusta sa lahat ng aking mga mambabasa sa hinaharap!
!مرحبا لجميع قرائي في المستقبل
Bonjour à tous mes futurs lecteurs!
Hallo an alle meine zukünftigen Leser!
Hej till alla mina framtida läsare!

Author: Leigh Goff

My passion is writing young adult fiction, especially if it involves star-crossed young witches. My third novel, KOUSH HOLLOW, a YA Southern gothic will release Fall 2020.

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