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New Release! Lands of Jade (Exclusive Excerpt)

Darkness falls…so I can… see the light of day again 

Mirror World Publishing and Sapphyria’s Book Promotions present the 1-week book for Lands of Jade: Crimson Winter, Vol. 2 by Justine Alley Dowsett.

About Lands of Jade:

Darkness falls…

For the first time in eight hundred years, the sun sets on the desert world of Crimson Winter, throwing the planet into unexpected darkness and further chaos. And with the setting of the sun comes the unexpected rise of hordes of undead creatures from the endless Sand Lakes.

…so I can…

Yukari Namikoya, Japanese high school student turned Chosen of Sapphiros, must rise to the occasion and use the powers she has been given to try and protect those she’s come to love against overwhelming odds.

…see the light of day again.

But when each night lasts a little longer, Yukari soon realizes that their days might be numbered and a sinister force beyond even the menace of the Vile Emperor might be behind the terrors that are besieging the planet during such a desperate time. The worst part is that Yukari doesn’t know if her powers, or even the combined forces of her allies will be enough to protect the Kingdom of Taiyou, let alone the whole world.

Genres:  Young Adult, SciFi, Fantasy, Adventure 

Page Count: Approximately 434

Sale Information:

Buy Lands of Jade and get 50% off any other Mirror World title from their store until the end of April. The discount is automatic for anyone who buys Lands of Jade as an ebook or paperback.

Read an Exclusive Excerpt Below:


Meet the Author:

Justine Alley Dowsett is the author of ten novels and counting, and one of the founders of Mirror World Publishing. Her books, which she often co-writes with her sister, Murandy Damodred, range from young adult science fiction to dark fantasy/romance. She earned a BA in Drama from the University of Windsor, honed her skills as an entrepreneur by tackling video game production, and now she dedicates her time to writing, publishing, and role-playing with her friends.

Connect with Justine:






Publisher Website:


Enter the Giveaway:

Contest is for a Kindle copy of Ruins of Sapphire, Crimson Winter Vol. 1. Contest is for US and Canada only. 
a Rafflecopter giveaway https://widget-prime.rafflecopter.com/launch.js

Exclusive Excerpt

“Sabien, where is everyone?” I asked. 

Sir Sabien, the Knight Commander of Sapphiros, was a tall and imposing man in his white armour with two swords strapped to his back – the black-bladed one had, until recently, belonged to the traitor, Viron. 

“Adel is guarding Aysel personally. There has been no change.” 

Lady Adel was the one Knight I did know the location of very well. The formidable Knight had been injured in the fight with the mysterious assailant, but that wasn’t what kept her immobile. Her twin sister and squire, Aysel, had been badly wounded, losing her sword arm and some of the right side of her body with it. The Kumori healers – a race of silent, bat-like people – had done their best work amputating her arm and removing what was left of her armour with their magic, but Aysel had remained unconscious ever since the operation. Adel had not left her sister’s side, unless commanded by Sabien to take her turn scouting. 

“Ris and Masaru are ranging out a little further north and east today,” he continued, “and Jeth has gone southwest. I’m staying here in the centre, in case she evades the others and returns here.”

“Is there still no sign of her, then? Or the reinforcements I sent for?” 

Sabien shook his head, “No, but Ris informed me Masaru believes he has found her trail. They are following it now.” 

“Should they really be going after her?”

“They are simply following her trail to see which direction it leads,” he responded. “They have no intention of engaging her. With any luck, she will already have left Taiyou entirely. If we can confirm that, I will rest a little easier.” 

I nodded, though I wasn’t entirely reassured. Like Sabien worried for Ris, my feelings toward Masaru were quite similar, only in my case Masaru wasn’t aware of them yet. Ever since I realized how I felt, I had been trying to find the words to explain it to him, but there had yet to be an appropriate time. After I had emerged from the confrontation with the Oujou to discover the carnage that took place while we had been occupied within the temple, I realized just how important it was to tell him while I still had the chance. Still, it had been difficult to find him alone for even a minute; as one of the less injured Knights, he was always off scouting.

“Do you think I should join them? I should be able to fly just as quickly as Ris does, and I could help them scout.” 

I had been feeling the need to be on the move now for several days and if anyone was going to have to face this deadly woman, it should be one or more of the Chosen – which is not to say I was looking forward to the experience – but also, I wanted my chance to speak to Masaru. I had been forced to realize just how dangerous this world was and it was a simple fact that our positions didn’t help matters. We would have to fight to stay alive and we had plenty of enemies besides. There was no benefit to waiting any longer, as much as I was afraid to tell him the truth in case it wasn’t something he wanted to hear.

Sabien levelled his gaze on me. “Yukari, I know you wish to be of use, but I think your place right now is here with the people that need to be defended.” 

My mouth settled into a grim line at the reminder that Sabien seemed to be able to see right through me. “Fine. I’ll be waiting near the temple. If you hear anything at all from Ris, I would appreciate it if you could let me know.” 


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Cover Reveal from Stella May’s Upcoming New Romance

COVER REVEAL for Stella May’s latest Time Travel Romance.

This engrossing novel has wonderful moments of humor and honest soul-searching. This book contains a house flipper who talks to her projects, a beloved grandmother, a case of mistaken identity, and a slow-burn romance. Look for its release on Amazon and all major vendors September 27, 2021.

The twist of a key answers many questions…but could also break her heart.

BLURB: Nika Morris’s sixth sense has helped build a successful business, lovingly restoring and reselling historic homes on Florida’s Amelia Island. But there’s one forlorn, neglected relic that’s pulled at her from the moment she saw it. The century-old Coleman house.

Quite unexpectedly, the house is handed to her on a silver platter—along with a mysterious letter, postmarked 1909, yet addressed personally to Nika. Its cryptic message: Find the key. You know where it is. Hurry, for goodness sake!

The message triggers an irresistible drive to find that key. When she does, one twist in an old grandfather clock throws her back in time, straight into the arms of deliciously, devilishly handsome Elijah Coleman.

Swept up in a journey of a lifetime, Nika finds herself falling in love with Eli—and with the family and friends that inhabit a time not even her vivid imagination could have conjured. But in one desperate moment of homesickness, she makes a decision that will not only alter the course of more than one life, but break her heart.

Stella May is the pen name for Marina Sardarova who has a fascinating history you should read on her website.

Stella writes fantasy romance and time travel and is the author of the family saga/trilogy Once & Forever, and the stand-alone book Rhapsody in Dreams. Love and family are two cornerstones of her stories and life. Stella’s books are available in e-book and paperback through all major vendors.

When not writing, Stella enjoys classical music, reading, and long walks along the ocean.

She lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband Leo of 25 years and their son George. They are her two best friends and all are partners in their family business.

Follow Stella on her website and blog Stay connected on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


NEW RELEASE! The Last Timekeepers and the Noble Slave


Welcome to the 1-week virtual book tour for 
The Last Timekeepers and the Noble Slave
The Last Timekeepers, Book 3
by Sharon Ledwith

About the Book:

Eleven-year-old Drake Bailey is an analytical thinker and the genius of the Timekeeper crew. However, no logic or mathematical acumen can change the color of his skin, or prepare him for this third Timekeeper mission in antebellum Georgia. To survive, Drake must learn to play the role of a plantation slave and when confronted with the brutality, hatred, and racism of the deep south, he’ll have to strategically keep one move ahead of his sadistic captors to ensure his lineage continues.

In a dark world of Voodoo, zombies, and ritualistic sacrifice, the Timekeepers must ensure a royal bloodline survives. Can Drake remove both literal and figurative chains to save both himself and a devout slave girl from a terrible fate? If he can’t summon the necessary courage, humanity could stand to lose one of its greatest leaders.

Book Details:

Genres: Young Adult, Time Travel, Fantasy  

Page Count: 244 Pages

Publisher: Mirror World Publishing

Release Date: September 17, 2021

Follow the Tour to Read Exclusive Excerpts, Guest Posts, Reviews, and Spotlight Posts:

Read an Excerpt:

The rattling chains chilled Drake’s blood. Leaning back, he trembled as O’Hara threaded the chain through a metal loop screwed into the wagon’s floor, and fastened the shackles to Drake’s wrists. He stared numbly. These chains were not the same as the ones slapped on him in Nottingham Castle. Those shackles fell off easily because his hands were too small. Not this time. These shackles fit him perfectly, as if made for a child. His heart raced, wishing this was a nightmare so he could wake up.

O’Hara clapped his hands, making Creecy, and the other girl and boy across from Drake flinch. “I’m going to get rid of this morning’s whiskey.” He belched and undid his belt. “If I hear any noise coming from this wagon, you’ll get ten lashes each. Understood?”

They all nodded vehemently. Drake cringed. His face and lips throbbed. O’Hara jumped down, and grunted as he side-stepped rocks and saplings to get into the woods as quickly as possible. When Drake was sure O’Hara was out of earshot, he let out a deep, sour breath.

“Are you all right?”

Startled, Drake looked up to find the girl across from him reaching over to wipe a trickle of blood from his chin. She seemed to possess an air of maturity, and he thought she might be older than Creecy. Her warm touch soothed Drake, and he forced a half-smile. “T-thanks. I-I’m okay, I guess.”

“Eilish, what are you doing?” the boy next to her whispered. “Keep quiet.”

As soon as the girl called Eilish shifted to the side, Drake realized she was pregnant under her red and white skirt. Her long braided black hair was decorated with tiny seashells, and her head was covered with a red and white bandana that matched her skirt. A loose-fitting white blouse was a stark contrast to Eilish’s smooth, brown skin. But it was her rich, mocha-colored eyes that mesmerized Drake and reminded him of his mother. His throat tightened.

Eilish entwined her fingers around her beaded necklace. The contrasting shades of red and white beads glistened as if a spirit resided in them. “Do you have a problem with me comforting the boy, Adam?”

Adam pushed his creamed-colored straw hat off his forehead and frowned. “No, but as your brother, I have a problem with you getting beaten by that quashie. Your baby needs protection, even from you.”

Eilish cupped Adam’s chin. “You forget I am the oldest, and know what is best.”

Drake raised an eyebrow. Why do they sound so familiar?

Adam slapped his sister’s hand away. “What is best is that we get back to Jamaica before the baby is born.”

“You’re both from Jamaica?” Drake asked. “I thought I detected a subtle island accent, though you’re lacking the informal dialect I’m used to hearing.” Hmm…maybe our Babels can’t translate cultural idioms? He inclined his head. “What are you doing here?”

The siblings glanced first at each other, and then at Drake. Adam was definitely younger than Eilish, but older than Drake. Maybe twelve or thirteen, but no more. He also seemed on the mature side, but given the time period they were in, Drake figured kids grew up way too fast here. Adam wore a white cotton shirt like Eilish’s, but his sleeves were rolled up past his elbows. Heavy denim pants held up with a rope didn’t seem a wise pick for the humid climate of Georgia, but Drake knew slaves had no choice when it came to their wardrobe.

Adam drew his knees to his chest and shuffled his leather sandals that appeared too small for his growing feet. He checked over his shoulder toward the woods, and then turned to whisper, “Why do you think we’re here? We’re slaves like you.”

“Look, my name’s Drake, and by the way—I’m not a slave, and neither are you. I know for a fact that slavery is abolished in Jamaica. Why would you leave Jamaica to come to America when you were already free?”

“We didn’t,” Eilish replied. “We were kidnapped.”

Purchase Links:

Mirror World Publishing:

Meet the Author:

Escape to the past and have a blast.

Sharon Ledwith is the author of the middle-grade/young adult time travel adventure series, THE LAST TIMEKEEPERS, and the award-winning teen psychic mystery series, MYSTERIOUS TALES FROM FAIRY FALLS. When not writing, researching, or revising, she enjoys reading, exercising, anything arcane, and an occasional dram of scotch. Sharon lives a serene, yet busy life in a southern tourist region of Ontario, Canada, with her spoiled hubby, and a moody calico cat.

Learn more about Sharon Ledwith on her WEBSITE and BLOGLook up her AMAZON AUTHOR page for a list of current books. Stay connected on FACEBOOKTWITTERPINTERESTLINKEDININSTAGRAM, and GOODREADS

Publisher Website:

Mirror World Publishing 

Giveaway Information and Entry Forms:

2 winners!

1 winner will received a signed paperback of The Last Timekeepers and the Noble Slave (International).a Rafflecopter giveaway https://widget-prime.rafflecopter.com/launch.js

1 winner will receive a Kindle copy of The Last Timekeepers and the Noble Slave (US only).a Rafflecopter giveaway https://widget-prime.rafflecopter.com/launch.js