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Reiki for Your Pet, You Say? MG/YA Author Sharon Ledwith Explains

e83e7-coverlftest2I think the main reason why I wrote Lost and Found—the first book in my teen psychic mystery series, Mysterious Tales from Fairy Falls—was to create an emotional experience that connects humans to animals, and to bring about an understanding between our two species. In this book, one of my characters Natalie (Nat) Knight uses a holistic healing system called Reiki on the shelter animals. The cats just soak up this vibrational ‘frequency’ while gathered around Nat’s wheelchair to receive their weekly treatment. Although Reiki traditionally has been used primarily for humans, it has many qualities that make it an ideal complementary therapy for animals. First and foremost, it is gentle, painless, non-invasive, and stress-free for animals. Reiki heals at all levels of an animal’s being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. The term “Reiki” is usually translated as “universal life energy”. Reiki is part of the emerging field of energetic healing, rediscovered from the wisdom and knowledge of ancient cultures for use in modern times. Everything in the universe is made up of and connected by energy. By transmitting the healing energy of the universe along energetic pathways and through the practitioner’s hands to the client/animal, Reiki heals as deeply as needed within a being to create a shift toward health. Treatments can be given in person, with the hands of the practitioner placed on or at a short distance from the client/animal; or, since Reiki is energetic in essence, it can be sent across a distance, across a room, or to another geographic location. Reiki will benefit not only the animals being treated but also the health of the person giving it. Every time a Reiki practitioner gives a treatment, the Reiki flows through her/him, healing her/him and the client/animal simultaneously. The feeling of receiving a Reiki treatment is generally one of deep relaxation. In practicing Reiki with animals, you’ll find that the more animals you treat, the more you’ll encounter animals who need healing. Animals understand Reiki’s benefits and will seek you out when they need healing. The beauty of Reiki as a healing system is its simple, gentle nature combined with its powerful and transformative results. I received my level one Reiki in 1996, and continue to use it to this day. I’ve recently just started using Reiki on my dog, whose back legs are giving him a lot of trouble due to arthritis, and have seen some amazing results. My cat absolutely loves to have a treatment almost every night, and once I initiate the healing, she plops herself across my stomach or next to me in bed to receive her special treatment. What a princess! If Reiki sounds like something you’d love to learn, then seek out a Reiki Master near you who will teach you the new language of Reiki. Trust me, you’ll never regret being able to help a fellow human or furry friend in need of a good old fashioned healing.

Title: Lost and Found
Series:  Mysterious Tales from Fairy Falls
Author Name: Sharon Ledwith
Genre: Teen Psychic Mysteries
Length:  Approx. 200 pgs. (per Amazon)
Release Date: June 17, 2017
About Lost and Found:
The Fairy Falls Animal Shelter is in trouble. Money trouble. It’s up to an old calico cat named Whiskey—a shelter cat who has mastered the skill of observation—to find a new human pack leader so that their home will be saved. With the help of Nobel, the leader of the shelter dogs, the animals set out to use the ancient skill of telepathy to contact any human who bothers to listen to them. Unfortunately for fifteen-year-old Meagan Walsh, she hears them, loud and clear.
Forced to live with her Aunt Izzy in the safe and quiet town of Fairy Falls, Meagan is caught stealing and is sentenced to do community hours at the animal shelter where her aunt works. Realizing Meagan can hear her, Whiskey realizes that Meagan just might have the pack leader qualities necessary to save the animals. Avoiding Whiskey and the rest of shelter animals becomes impossible for Meagan, so she finally gives in and promises to help them. Meagan, along with her newfound friends, Reid Robertson and Natalie Knight, discover that someone in Fairy Falls is not only out to destroy the shelter, but the animals as well. Can Meagan convince her aunt and co-workers that the animals are in danger? If she fails, then all the animals’ voices will be silenced forever.

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Dianna Gunn’s Debut YA novella–Keeper of the Dawn

Dianna Gunn is a young Canadian author who just release her debut novella Keeper of the Dawn. This is a passionate story of new beginnings, second chances, and the endurance of hope. And a damned fine read I recommend to everyone who enjoys well written and well plotted stories.

All Lai has ever wanted is to become a priestess, like her mother and grandmother before her, in service to her beloved goddess. That’s before the unthinkable happens, and Lai fails the trials she’s trained for her entire life. She makes the only choice she believes she can: she runs away.

From her isolated desert homeland, Lai rides north to the colder, stranger kingdom of Alanum – a land where magic, and female warriors, are not commonplace.

Here, she hears tales about a mountain city of women guardians and steel forgers, worshiping goddesses who sound very similar to Lai’s own. Determined to learn more about these women, these Keepers of the Dawn, Lai travels onward to find their temple. She is determined to make up for her past failure, and will do whatever it takes to join the sacred order.

Falling in love with another initiate wasn’t part of the plan.

Lai practiced until well after dark, ignoring the call for supper. She tore a massive hole into one of the dummies with a training sword in her rage, but it didn’t make her feel better. She had spent most of her life training for this day, and Kaiden ruined it with a few words about their father.

Eventually she gave up and collapsed in a heap on the ground, pulling her knees up to her chest so she could rest her chin on them. She forced herself to breathe deeply, using all her willpower to push the rage into the ground. Bit by bit it drained into the soil around her, dispersing harmlessly.

She sat like that in the clearing until clouds engulfed the stars and rain started pouring, one of the last rains before the dry weeks of summer. Lifting the hood of her robes to cover her head, she rose and hurried towards the temple.

Her left foot caught on something and Lai flew through the air, losing her grip on her sword and landing face first in a puddle. Her nose shattered when it smashed into the tough ground, and when she grabbed it to feel the damage her hand came away covered in equal parts mud and blood. Her stomach churned as she picked herself back up, her whole body aching.

Something sharp pierced her back, tearing into her skin and muscles like sharp fire. She screamed and fell face first to the ground. She caught herself on her forearms, avoiding bashing her head against the rocky path.

Lai’s attacker pulled the knife out of her shoulder. She screamed as warm blood flowed freely down her back, mixing with the rain. Fiery agony filled her body, blurring her vision. She gritted her teeth and flipped over to face her attacker.

She froze at the familiar sight of white robes with golden cuffs. Another initiate. Her hood hid her face completely.

Lai gathered her strength with a deep, ragged breath and reached for her training sword. The initiate kicked Lai in the back then stomped on her wrist, grinding bone under her boot, sending sharp waves of pain up Lai’s arm.

“You understand, it has to be me.”

Lai knew that voice, but she couldn’t focus on it through the pain, couldn’t remember who it was.

The initiate seized a clump of Lai’s hair and yanked her head backwards. She knelt and raised her knife towards Lai’s exposed throat.

GOODREADS EbookPaperback

Dianna Gunn is a freelance writer by day and a fantasy author by night. She had known she wanted to be a writer since she was eight years old. Dianna wrote her first novel for Nanowrimo at the age of eleven years old, but quickly discovered that writing books is not an easy way to make a living. So she decided to broaden her horizons, seeking another career that still allowed her to work with words.

Her freelance writing career started when she became a marketing intern at Musa Publishing(now defunct) in September 2011 and quickly became a staff writer in charge of multiple imprint blogs. Since then she has worked with a variety of small businesses and non-profits to improve their online brands and create long term marketing strategies. Some of her most notable work has been for the tech education non-profit STEAMLabs and natural dog care company ProPooch. She is dedicated to helping her clients build successful brands and making their dreams come true.

Need help creating awesome content for your business? Send an email to diannalgunn@gmail.com explaining what your needs are, and she will help you.

When she isn’t helping her clients bring their dreams to life, Dianna can be found working on her own dream of being a successful fantasy author.

Dianna blogs about writing, creativity, and books at The Dabbler.

Learn more about Dianna on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.