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New Fantasy Release by Author Chris Pavesic, Plus a Sweet Treat

by Chris Pavesic

Here is a brief introduction to Wonderland, the latest fantasy book by Chris Pavesic. Enjoy!

You may think you know her story.

You don’t.

Throughout her life Alice has faced fear and isolation, but she has never given up hope. In the City by the Bay she has one last chance to find happiness; one last chance to find friendship; one last chance to find Wonderland.

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Read excerpts from all of the books written by Chris Pavesic on Amazon.

Chris Pavesic is a fantasy author who lives in the Midwestern United States and loves Kona coffee, steampunk, fairy tales, and all types of speculative fiction. Between writing projects, Chris can most often be found reading, gaming, gardening, working on an endless list of DIY household projects, or hanging out with friends. Learn more about Chris on her website.

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Here is a special treat called Death by Chocolate Ice-Cream Cake.  It is a special cake that I make for friends/family who love chocolate. It is a perfect treat for a summer birthday. This is a big cake, so be sure to invite a lot of people to celebrate!

For this recipe you will need three 8-inch cake pans. I use the disposable aluminum ones (eco friendly brands of course) because I have yet to find 3 glass ones that are the right size.

Ice Cream Filling
Use any type of ice cream or frozen custard that you want. For the cake pictured here, I used cherry vanilla. A single half-gallon will fill the pan completely.

Take the ice cream out of the freezer and let it soften for a few minutes. Line the cake pan with Saran Wrap before adding the softened ice cream so it is easier to remove after it re-freezes.

Spoon ice cream into the cake pan and smooth until it is level.

Place another piece of Saran Wrap over the top before putting it back in the freezer. Refreeze for several hours. (You can do this step the night before to ensure that it is frozen completely.)

Chocolate Cake
2 cups organic cake flour
2 cups organic white sugar
1 tsp. baking soda
½ tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. salt
2 sticks butter
4 tbsp. cocoa
1 cup water
1 cup whole milk or 1 cup Silk (Almond Milk)
2 eggs
1 tbsp. vanilla
1 package semi-sweet chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350°F.

Sift together the cake flour, sugar, soda, powder, and salt in a large mixing bowl and set aside.

In a saucepan set on medium heat, mix the butter, cocoa, and water until the butter is melted. Bring to a boil and then pour the mixture over the dry ingredients.

Blend the milk, eggs, and vanilla together and gradually add to the mixture, stirring constantly. (You can also use a hand mixer on low at this stage.) The batter should be fluffy and form stiff peaks.

Add in the package of semi-sweet chocolate chips. Stir with a spoon at this point until they are distributed evenly.

Divide the mixture between the two remaining baking pans. The pans should be lightly buttered and floured prior to pouring in the batter.

Bake 20 minutes or so.

Let the cake cool completely. Remove the two layers from the pans and place on plates.

About an hour before serving, place the two cakes in the freezer.

Whipped Cream and Chocolate Topping
1 can Redi-Whip Whipped Cream
1 bar dark chocolate 80% or higher cocoa

Using a knife or vegetable peeler, chop/shave the chocolate bar. It may tend to crumble a bit if you shave it—this is OK. (This step is a bit messy so you may want to do it in advance and just save the chocolate shavings/pieces in a plastic baggie until you add it to the top of the cake.

To Assemble
You have to work quickly. Remove the bottom cake from the freezer and place it on the platter/plate you intend to use for serving. Remove the ice cream from the freezer. Remove the Saran Wrap from the top and invert it onto the frozen cake. Remove the bottom of the Saran Wrap. Take the second cake from the freezer and place on top, pressing lightly to level. “Frost” the cake with the Redi-Whip, creating a border on the top. Inside of the border, sprinkle the chocolate pieces/shavings.

Serve immediately.



New YA/MG Release: Legend of the Timekeepers by Sharon Ledwith (Plus a Giveaway!)

Welcome to the week long blog tour for 
Legend of the Timekeepers by Sharon Ledwith!

Follow the Tour (link to the schedule is below) to Read Reviews, Guest Posts, and Book Spotlights

There is no moving forward
without first going back.

About Legend of the Timekeepers:

Lilith was a young girl with
dreams and a family before the final destruction of Atlantis shattered those
dreams and tore her family apart. Now refugees, Lilith and her father make
their home in the Black Land. This strange, new country has no place in Lilith’s
heart until a beloved high priestess introduces Lilith to her life purpose—to
be a Timekeeper and keep time safe.
Summoned through the seventh arch
of Atlantis by the Children of the Law of One, Lilith and her newfound friends
are sent into Atlantis’s past, and given a task that will ultimately test their
courage and try their faith in each other. Can the Timekeepers stop the dark
magus Belial before he changes the seers’ prophecy? If they fail, then their
future and the earth’s fate will be altered forever.
Book Information:
Title: Legend of the Timekeepers
Series:  The Last Timekeepers, Book # 0.5
Author Name:  Sharon Ledwith
Genre(s): Young Adult, Time Travel
Tags: #‎YAlit‬ ‪#‎timetravel‬
Length: Approx. 147 pages
ISBN: 9781619376236
Re-Release Date: August 1, 2015
Publisher:  Mirror World Publishing  http://www.mirrorworldpublishing.com/
Tour Host:  Sapphyria’s Book Promotions  http://saphsbookpromos.blogspot.com/
Follow the Tour to Read Reviews, Guest Posts, and Spotlights: 
Read an Excerpt:
“Why are you here?” Lilith asked. “You’ve already got your life seal.” 
“I have more questions for Istulo.” She continued to stare at the disk. 
Lilith sighed. “My name is Lilith. What’s your name?” 
Her shoulders relaxed slightly. A hint of a smile broke out on her face. Her upturned nose wiggled. “She-Aba. I was born here in the Black Land. Both my parents arrived from Atlantis fourteen years ago yesterday. My mother gave birth to me the next day.”
Lilith perked up. “That would make today your birthday!”
She-Aba beamed. “Yes. That’s why I’m here. For my birthday last year, I had my life reading done by Istulo. But recently, there’s been a hiccup in my plans. It’s like my life seal rearranged itself, and now I’m confused. I’m here for a reaffirmation.” 
“What’s the problem?” 
She-Aba traced her life seal with the tip of her perfectly shaped fingernail. “My lifetime occupation was supposed to be to design clothing for the people of the various positions in the court and temples.” 
Lilith smirked. “That makes perfect sense.” 
“I know, right? So why, all of a sudden, would my life seal change from designing clothing to something completely different?” 
Lilith arched a fair brow. “How different?” 
“Well, instead of clothing people in lavish robes and gowns for others to appreciate, the seal suggests that I’ll be doing the opposite by covering up and hiding the truth. I don’t understand it at all. I thought my life was all planned out for me.” 
“I thought mine was too, until my country blew up and slid into the ocean,” Lilith muttered. 
“Hey, look at the bright side, at least your hair isn’t red like mine.” 
Lilith eyed She-Aba carefully. “What’s wrong with red hair? My uncle has red hair and it suits him fine.” 
She-Aba moved in closer. “If you haven’t noticed already, there aren’t many redheads around here. The natives think red is magical, and anyone with red hair is considered a freak of nature.” 
“That’s ridiculous!” Lilith said loud enough to cause an echo down the marble hallway. “Is that the reason why those artists were rude to you? Because you have red hair?” 
“Red is a very powerful color,” a raspy voice said from behind both girls. 
Lilith and She-Aba jumped. They slowly turned to find Istulo hovering over them. 
Wearing the same white gown and orichalcum headband Lilith saw her dressed in before, Istulo nodded slightly before she said, “Red represents the essence of life—if we are drained of blood, we are drained of energy. The people of the Black Land understand this, and therefore red is reserved only for their gods and goddesses.” 
Lilith giggled. “Don’t tell She-Aba that, she’ll think she’s a goddess.”
Purchase Links:
Mirror World Publishing
Barnes & Noble
Meet the Author:
Unearthing the uncanny one book at a time
Sharon Ledwith is the author of the middle-grade/young adult time travel series, THE LAST TIMEKEEPERS, and is represented by Walden House (Books & Stuff) for her teen psychic series, MYSTERIOUS TALES FROM FAIRY FALLS. When not writing, researching, or revising, she enjoys reading, exercising, anything arcane, and an occasional dram of scotch. Sharon lives a serene, yet busy life in a southern tourist region of Ontario, Canada, with her hubby, one spoiled yellow Labrador and a moody calico cat.
Connect with Sharon Ledwith:
Sharon’s Website: www.sharonledwith.com
Sharon’s Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/seledwith
Twitter: @sharonledwith: https://twitter.com/sharonledwith
Amazon Author U.K. Page: http://www.amazon.co.uk/-/e/B0084DUHJO
Giveaway Information and Entry Form:

One winner will be selected to receive the following prizes ~
· A signed paperback copy of Legend of the Timekeepers
· A custom crafted ceramic Spiral Life Seal
· A signed postcard
· Two ‘The Last Timekeepers’ wrist bands