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I want to say hello and welcome to everyone around the world (six continents-100 countries!!) who has expressed interest and excitement in my upcoming novel, Disenchanted.  I am overwhelmed by your enthusiasm.  Hang tight.  Edits on Disenchanted start in September followed by the book’s release in December.

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Olá a todos os meus futuros leitores!
Hola a todos mis futuros lectores!
Ciao a tutti i miei futuri lettori!
Hello minden a leendő olvasók!
Kamusta sa lahat ng aking mga mambabasa sa hinaharap!
!مرحبا لجميع قرائي في المستقبل
Bonjour à tous mes futurs lecteurs!
Hallo an alle meine zukünftigen Leser!
Hej till alla mina framtida läsare!


A Witch’s Lucky Charm–Her Familiar

Ever heard of a familiar or a familiar spirit? It is a witch’s mascot, her supernatural spirit companion that takes the form of an animal, but an animal with its own magical powers. This special creature is a guardian, lending support to its witch when needed and, if she is young, guiding her as she comes into her powers. In witch lore, the creature is usually represented by the oh-so-clever black cat, but the familiar takes a form that best represents the individual nature of the witch and, in my next book, the young witch is going to discover hers, once she discovers she’s a witch that is.    ImageThis majestic creature with eyes of blue and feathers the color of freshly fallen snow is Rasool, an Arabic name that means messenger, and I can’t wait for everyone to meet him in my next bewitching novel.